Diskless System Network Solution: GST Promotion

MichaelSoft DDS,马来西亚首间无盘系统公司注册GST。

趁GST 6%来临之前,赶紧捉好机会,购买MichaelSoft DDS系统配套。

We have the solution that is just right for your cyber cafe. Our company is MichaelSoft software house base at Taman Desa , our services cover overseas to works hard to solve your networking problem.It it a solution that allows all diskless client PC to boot Win OS and run games. Minimizing the operation cost and maintenance cost, and also the minus the hard disk cost.


*1. **Save a lot of investment cost in harddisk and future harddisk upgrade cost *
*2. **Save monthly electricity cost.*
*3. **Save investment cost in buying recovery software, recovery card.
*4. **Save investment cost in buying Norton Ghost Enterprise Version and other Game Update Software
*5. **Easy for maintenance and help you manage multiple branches in the future. *
*6. **Support Multiple Drivers *
*7. **Support Multi Restore Point*
*8. **Support Multiple Image (can 10 PCs as Malay Window, 10 as English Windows, 10 as Chinese Simplified Windows, 10 as Chinese Traditional Windows, 10 as Japanese Windows and 10 as Russian Windows) Boot from one server…*
*9. **Support Multi Sync between Server, Update on one server other server will update also……*
*10. **Save investment cost on buying Antivirus software.*
*11. **No need using any game server and rent monthly or daily.
*12. ** Load Balancing Server Feature, ZERO Down Time, for example 40 client PCs, in normal mode it wil run server A with 20 unit client PCs and Server B with 20 unit client PCs, when server A down, server B will take other 20 PCs..mean 40 units PC will run in server B when server A down..the performance almost the same.....
*13. ** Imagine every Client PC got 500GB - 5000GB Harddisk Space, you can put private game, all online games, LAN games, emulator games, yahoo games, movie, picture and MP3 inside.....No need to change all harddisk for your existing cybercafé when you feel not enough space in your cafe or you plan to upgrade from 80GB/160GB to 250Gb or 320Gb! It waste a lot of money on it........
Please kindly contact me for more information. Free demo is provided.

使用 Michaelsoft DDS 无盘软件 + Auto Game Update Turbo = Workless + 减少你每一天“一成不变”的繁忙工作。


Contact Number: +603-7981 68 seven eight, +603-7982 08 seven two
Sale Team Number: +6016-922 12 four eight, +6016-695 12 eight two, +6016-216 12 four eight, +6016-20512 eight four
Email Address: enquiry@michaelsoft.com.my ; michaelsoft2u@gmail.com
Company Website: www.michaelsoft.com.my

Mga sir, ask ko lang sana kung meron na naka try ng ganitong setup sa inyo? Nag browse lang ako nung nakita ko itong
www.michaelsoft.com.my/v2/index.php parang interesting kasi. Ang pagkakaintindi ko parang Thin Client na may sariling PC pero walang Hard Disk ang mga PC niya. Pagganitong setup, tipid sa Hard Disk at oras pati OS License. Meron po ba kayo alam na supplier nito dito? Interesado lang ako para sa pangalawang shop na itatayo ng ate ko. TIA.

www.michaelsoft.com.my din ata ang distributor ng QNO.

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