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    CS 1.6 download With Working BOTS +MAPS +MOD

    Counter Strike 1.6 download, with bots and deathmatch mod and more maps than come with this cs 1.6 pack standart installation, new release with latest updates, compatible with all windows versions and working with windows 10 or 8, all features present with this release single player online play, offline mod with bots or LAN party with friends in the local server like cyber cafes. so they will be able to play only on standard maps and modes, to get CS 1.6 smart bots also non standart maps like small size fight yard aka known fy_ it is possible to play with bot in the any map you need to add only podbot way-point. Now added more way points CSDM _fy maps and the other default maps also more gungame maps you can find, my advice read how to control about PodBot control and configuration, if you want to some practice with them. Good start would be for a new CS 1.6 tester, some practice with IO and rise your skill for better aim. There is a real share with cs 1.6 fast download link, nothing fake and clean release without virus, good source for server management, ready amx mod x and admin metamod, working cs 1.6 server list and master servers internet browser list, orginal and clean steam rip and no limitations easly you can personolise your game and add your favorite server list.

    Here CS 1.6 Download link below, bots are included

    LINK: Counter Strike 1.6 Download

    Clean Counter Strike 1.6
    Cheat with everything in the present day, we release only cs 1.6 and ready to play who every try to want this release, will see no limitation for somethnig or any publicate (NO ADVERTISEMENT) or shorten link for like fly web sites, directly fast download, no unwanted dll or injection files that make you a part of botnet army, i strongly recomend make your important files (gamemenu, masterserver.vdf) read-only and hidden.

    Good release for cs 1.6 server manager
    Ready pack for with integrated mods, coplete cs 1.6 installation all in one packake if you want to test any cs 1.6 pawn plugin, all ready on your hand for a beginer server manager you find a ready pack included for plugin test, if you want to own your server you can not find a better release, so this a golden pack for every server manager without show any efford test your plugins first in your home server and for second step apply your real server. Sure this is the best way for some server side plugin, if you have a real cs 1.6 game server you never want that your server get crash for simple test.

    Play cs 1.6 online
    This setup has full founction, added some extras only the other all all things orginal cs 1.6 game, clean steam rip and you get uniq player ID so be careful if you want to cheat also can ban permanent, at the other hand slow hack using by most cs 1.6 server and make your important files read only after installation cause game menu and other files edit mostly being boring for any players, especialy auto joiner hack one of anticipated server side edit and if you live this problem try to serach our newest files that ending with *.cfg

    Counter Strike 1.6 Installation feature:

    New Steam Update 2017 Patch
    Dual Protocol (48 + 47) Client
    Exe Version (cstrike)
    integreted CSDM mod (Deathmatch) 2.1.2 K
    Amx mod X Plugins
    Languages Interface:
    English, Albania, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Dutch, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.Includes latest CS 1.6 Podbots (V3 Build 22b)
    Removed the transparency of the game menu to increase FPS on old computers
    Version of the game has been updated to the latest version of the protocol 48 (build 4554)

    Playable on Internet and LAN
    100% clean rip from Steam rip game cache files
    Playable LAN game mode possbile with with any simple network (creat your work-group)
    Added more Counter-Strike 1.6 maps (Highly compresed setup release)
    Fully working serverbrowser with MasterServer
    Work Internet server browser list and Favorites
    HD Models
    Simple Download and install and then start to play
    Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

    CS 1.6 real bots play moment

    cs 1.6 plugins default active with for single offline mod (here extra gore effect with more bloody scene)

    fy_pool_day map, this map already included to pack and bots come auto

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    CS 16 version is now available for the next version also for the better performance of the working bots that we want by the maps. Only from the software CS 16 by best dissertation service the bots of mod to new method of the setting has fixed.

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