romptly call in sick the next day didn't cost the struggling Denver Broncos cornerback his starting job."Right now Sam Shields Jersey , he is the starter, yes," coach Vance Joseph said Wednesday.Joseph also said he won't be taking away Joe Woods' play-calling duties, either, when the Broncos (2-3) host the Los Angeles Rams (5-0) this weekend."Joe's the coordinator," Joseph said. "So, he's calling the plays."A day earlier, general manager John Elway was asked about Woods' foundering defense and said on Orange and Blue 760 that "coaches, like players, have bad weeks, too, and I don't think it was the best scheme that we had set up last week."He added, "There's not a quick fix."Maybe not, but Joseph declared changes were forthcoming following Denver's demoralizing 34-16 loss to the New York Jets on Sunday."When you're not winning football games you have to do something different, you know? How we meet, how we look at game plans, how we call games, all those things are being looked at," Joseph said after Wednesday's practice in a rain-snow mix, the type of weather that's in the forecast for kickoff."So, when I say changes, I mean Aqib Talib Jersey , we have to make changes to go win games. So, things are happening. I can't share those things. But when you don't win, you have to make some changes."Roby allowed three long touchdowns in the second quarter against the Jets, including a 76-yard catch and a 77-yard run ."Roby didn't play his best on Sunday. I mean, that's obvious," Joseph said. "But he played pretty good the week before. So, we have to get him back and keep coaching him. He's ours. He's our guy. So, we'll get him back to playing good football."Asked if Roby faced any discipline for missing meetings Monday without promptly notifying the team he was sick, Joseph said, "That's already been handled, OK? It's been discussed in-house. It was more about communication than a total miss. But it's been fixed and handled."The Broncos traded Aqib Talib to the Rams last offseason to clear salary space and room on the field for Roby, whose salary jumped from $1 million to $8.526 million this season in the fifth and final year of his rookie contract.Roby has struggled to adjust from nickel back to starting cornerback, giving receivers too much cushion, which negates Denver's pass rush.Roby might have gotten a reprieve because his backups are banged up.Tramaine Brock and Adam Jones have been hurt most of the season. Brock missed the Jets game with a strained groin and Jones pulled a hamstring Sunday and missed practice Wednesday.Roby, who also missed a players-only meeting Monday, said he realized there was a problem when teammates called to check up on him."A lot of the players ... reached out to me because the coach told them I didn't even let anybody know where I was at, and I just let them know that I had already gone to the trainers," Roby said. "I went to the doctor's actually, as well, and I told them everything was good with me. And then they told me some of the things we discussed and you know we're just pushing on and learning from our mistakes and moving on. You can't dwell on the past."Roby, who said after the game, "I know my job is hard Marcus Peters Jersey , I know that I'm always in man coverage without a lot of help," said his absence had nothing to do with frustration."I was frustrated, obviously, for sure. But I got sick after the game," he said, noting he was vomiting and didn't get much sleep. "I don't know what it was, maybe something I ate. But no excuses about on the field."Roby acknowledged he's had a difficult time in his first season as a starter, and that he bombed Sunday at the Meadowlands."I didn't have a good game. I didn't perform well. I sucked, actually," Roby said. "It's only a few plays here and there but at corner everything is under a microscope. So, I just have to win my battles and not let the team down."Roby said he was eager for the Rams' visit so he can make up for the worst game of his career."I want to make sure I go out there and ... make plays and make up for some of the mistakes I (made to) let the team down last week," Roby said.Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said that while teammates try to be supportive, it's up to Roby to pull himself out of his prolonged funk and return to the playmaker he's been throughout his career."I just try to encourage him. It's on you, though," Harris said. "You've got to be a man. At cornerback, it's 1-on-1 a lot of times. You can kind of control a lot of things on your own out there. So, you've got to look yourself in the mirror and ask how bad do you want it?"And if 'Robe' wants it bad enough, he'll bounce back." ATLANTA (AP) — Matthew Slater is more than halfway to his father's longevity as an NFL player. He doesn't plan to equal it.The star special teamer of the New England Patriots just completed his 11th pro season, and he's at his fifth Super Bowl, with two wins. In his dad Jackie's 20-season NFL career, he made one Super Bowl — coincidentally, with the Rams in 1980 — and lost to Pittsburgh."That's a long time to do anything Brandin Cooks Jersey ," Matthew Slater said Tuesday. As for the New England kick coverage ace lasting so long, he added with a laugh: "Absolutely not." Of course, when your team becomes a regular visitor to the Super Bowl, it lengthens the season by more than a month. No one in the NFL would want to pass on that, but in reality Slater has played nearly 12 seasons, making All-Pro in 2016 and being voted to seven Pro Bowls.Not bad for someone whose Hall of Fame father didn't necessarily want Matthew to play football."He felt that way for two reasons," Matthew Slater says. "First, he didn't want me to feel the pressure of living up to his name. He thought the expectations could be unfair."He also wanted me to avoid injury. He knew the toll it takes on you physically."Matthew and his brother played plenty of sports, and guess who usually was the coach. Yep, Jackie."Sports have always been a big part of my life and have so many life lessons from being on a team, and the disciplines of preparing to compete and how you compete, and having teammates around you. I thought they were good lessons to learn," Jackie Slater said."I discouraged them to play football. I didn't think (Matthew) would be big enough to play football. I coached in basketball, soccer, track and field, even some flag football. I didn't see football as something that he would excel. But when he played flag, he had good speed and he caught the ball and ran well."Matthew kept improving in high school and grew, though not to Jackie's offensive tackle measurements. Because Jackie was unfamiliar with the kind of skills his son possessed, he turned to teammates Ron Brown — a 1984 Olympic champion speedster, who played wideout and returned kicks — and outstanding cornerback LeRoy Irvin. Brown refined Matthew's technique and speed, and Irvin worked with him on back-pedaling and breaks for receivers."Things I was not familiar with," says Jackie Ndamukong Suh Jersey , who recalled watching Matthew leave everyone behind in a 100-meter race, only to have Brown say "he did everything wrong."I knew I needed to get out of the way."Not really. Matthew, now 33, credits pretty much everything he has achieved in football to his father, who entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2001."He made every effort to be present," the son says. "That's what I appreciate the most: He was a father first. So many young kids … many black kids … I see they don't have a presence like that."Anytime I have success, certainly my dad is sharing in it. It all goes back to my dad; I wouldn't be playing this game without him. It's pretty unique, a son being able to do something his dad did. We are enjoying this ride together."For sure. But on Sunday, well, Jackie admits to being a bit torn when the Rams — his team — take on the Patriots — Matthew's team.You see, Jackie Slater still has plenty of millennium blue and new century gold running through his veins."This is a win-win situation for me," the elder Slater notes. "If my son loses, it's not as if he hasn't experienced the thrill of victory in a Super Bowl, something I never did. And if he loses, it hurts, but he has a great attitude about it. It helps me live with the defeats he has."If the Rams win, I will be happy because I have been pulling for this team for more than 40 years. My first hero in the game was Tom Mack, who I actually played with for three years."You know, he has an unbelievable opportunity to experience things I never did. I don't know what it is like to win the Super Bowl beyond the joy my son had when he won on two occasions. That's almost as good as me winning, I felt."