American slot machines
In the United States, public and private availability of slot machines is heavily regulated by state authorities. Many States have a gambling Supervisory authority that regulates the use and ownership of slot machines. Nevada is the only state where there are no strict restrictions on public and private use of slot machines. In new Jersey, slot machines are only allowed in hotels at casinos in Atlantic city. Several States (Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, and Missouri) allow slot machines (like other gambling) only on licensed river vessels and fixed barges.

After Hurricane Katrina, Mississippi authorities lifted the requirement that casinos on the Northern Gulf coast should be on barges and allowed them "on the ground" (on the coastline). In Delaware slot machines are allowed on three roads for equestrian traffic; they are controlled by the state lottery Commission.

In Wisconsin, bars and eateries can hold up to five slot machines. In these slot machines usually the player can get a payout or risk it in the game to double. To get your winnings the player presses the button to print a ticket to get cash. To learn more about the rules of owning slot machines for private use, see the provisions on privately owning slot machines in the United States.

Native American Casino
Native American casino is located on the territory of Indian reservations, they are not allowed to place a slot machine until an agreement is reached with the state in which it is located (the Law on regulation of gambling by Indian tribes). Usually, the name of the law indicates the state that receives part of the gross income from slot machines. Slot machine classes

The statements are General provisions not applicable to each jurisdiction. These classifications may vary by state. Document 15 U. S. C. 1171 (hereinafter) governs slot machines or "slot" machines. This provision is also known as Johnson's law.

Some States prohibit certain types ("classes") of slot machines in the casino and gambling zone. Slot machines of "class III" (or "traditional") function regardless of the centralized information-computing system and the player's chance to win something is the same in each game. Slot machines class III is mainly in Nevada in Atlantic city and sometimes they are referred to slots "in the style of Vegas."

Slot machines "Class II" (also known as "video lottery terminal" or "TVL") are connected to a centralized information computing system that determines the payout of each bet. In this case, a Class II slot machine is similar to an instant lottery ticket, each machine has the same chance to give out a series of limited prizes. Also on the class of slot machines depends on the need to have certain skills to the player.

In General, the game must have all the characteristics of Class II to be a class II game. Any characteristic inherent in the Class III game makes it a Class III. The casino pays the state for each class III slot and gets a license for it. There are no such strict limits for class II games. Class II games are not so closely controlled by the States.

Characteristics of Class II
A person plays against other players and competes for the overall prize
Not necessary that every game will be a winner. The game continues until victory. There are a certain number of wins and losses in each set. The resulting combination is not repeated again until a new game is played. This happens in games where you need to erase the field, which are Packed in packs. When a card is drawn from a pack, the combinations on that card cannot occur again until another pack is played.
One game depends on the previous one.
The player must be an active participant in the process. They need to be at the center of things and know when they're winning and announce it. Bingo is the most successful example here.
All players play with the same set of numbers, as these numbers are pronounced aloud.
Characteristics of Class III
Playing against the gambling house
Each game is independent of the previous one. You can win different amounts.
The victory notifies the computer.
Slot clubs PinUp slots
Many American casinos offer free entry to the "slot club", where part of the money will be returned for bets in the form of a compliment from the institution (food, drinks, hotel room, goods) or sometimes in the form of cash or promises to pay cash a little later. For these clubs, it is necessary that the player has a card that is inserted into the slot machine so that the casino can follow the "actions" of its customers (what the player bets and how long he plays), this information is usually used to set game levels that allow players to receive additional compliments.