Revamped Lifestyle Following the end of the team’s three-day minicamp Casey Hayward Jerseys Stitched , second-year DE Isaac Rochell sat down with Ricky Henne of to talk about his experiences from the past year and how he feels going into the 2018 season.Rochell admitted that he has been frustrated with himself about spending most of last season on the practice squad instead of playing on Sundays. But instead of staying down on himself, he has taken the lead on changing his lifestyle and outlook for the better, hoping it turns into a better season that includes an increase in playing time and success.According to Rochell, he was at his heaviest last season when he weighted around 280 pounds. Right now, he claims to be closer to 265 pounds. After swtiching to a plant-based diet and adding yoga into his weekly regimen, he feels lighter, leaner, and faster than ever.He told Henne, “I just feel better now. When you do yoga and you stretch and you eat right Youth Brandon Mebane Jerseys , and you’re doing things to help your body out, you’re able to get in positions that you didn’t know you can get in and you’re not thinking about it. You’re just playing. It just happens.”Rochell played in just three games in 2017. He collected four total tackles with two coming against the New York Jets where he collected a sack of quarterback Bryce Petty and another tackle-for-loss.With the loss of Chris McCain as the third rotational pass rusher, the door is wide open for Rochell to claim the role. Here’s to hoping that body transformation is just what he needed to propel his game to the next level. If you think Chargers GM Tom Telesco is trading out of the 1st round, have you ever considered TT trading up? Luckily Ruben has, and he may be onto something."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections San Diego Chargers Daily LinksSan Diego Chargers NewsSan Diego Chargers OffseasonSan Diego Chargers HistorySan Diego Chargers HumorChargers DraftBFTB EditorialsAnother Chargers draft trade dreamNew,25commentsIf you think Chargers GM Tom Telesco is trading out of the 1st round, have you ever considered TT trading up? Luckily Ruben has, and he may be onto something. PDTShareTweetShareShareAnother Chargers draft trade dreamKirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsIf you’ve been a fan of this site for a few years, you may be familiar with what sometimes happens to me during draft week. It happened in 2014 Brandon Mebane Jerseys Stitched , and again in 2017 of you want to read them. I’m talking about these wild dreams I have where Charges General Manager Tom Telesco orchestrates some improbable trade, all to appease me, a Chargers fan . In those previous dreams, TT (as many of us Chargers fans call him) traded up in 2014 to draft Clemson Wide Receiver Sammy Watkins, and he did it again in 2017 to draft Texas A&M Defensive Lineman Myles Garrett.And although the Chargers didn’t move up and draft Watkins or Garrett, these dreams are at least fun for me to have, and then retell.. Last night, I had another Draft Day Trade. At first I didn’t even want to write about it. But then I actually thought about it and I thought about it a little more and then the light went on. And as the saying goes, “It’s so crazy Youth Drew Kaser Jerseys ,it just might work’.So without further adieu, here is my 2019 dream...It starts in Chargers Telesco’s office. The curtains are drawn, allowing the California sunshine to fill the room with rays of vitality and hope. The Chargers brass just got off the phone with star Defensive End Joey Bosa. They just informed him that the team picked up his 5th year option. Even though the transaction was a foregone conclusion, everyone in the room was all smiles and compliments. Except one person.As the handful of top executives file out of the office, Telesco calls out for Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn to come back into his office. And he asks him to close the door. “Coach, it looks like we have him for two more years,” Telesco said with a slight tinge of apprehension. “But honestly, I’m not sure he’s gonna stay much beyond that. And I know you weren’t here for that first year, but let me just say Drew Kaser Jerseys Stitched , getting him to sign that rookie deal was the hardest thing for me to do in all my years here. There was a point where I said, I got to do whatever I have to do to get him in camp. But, now I’m worried that he’s going to find a way to leave us when the time comes.”“Joey is a helluva player for this team,” Coach Lynn added. “But you know that already. I’d go as far as saying he’s the most important player on this team from here on out. When he’s on the field, this is a different team.”“That’s why we got to keep him,” Telesco said matter of factly. “And I think there is only one way to ensure that he stays here for the next 10 years.”“You thinking about extending him already?” Lynn asked. “It might be a good time because these numbers keep going higher and higher. You see what the Cowboys gave DeMarcus Lawrence, and Frank Clark just got from the Chiefs.”“Yeah, I know,” Telesco agreed.“I’m not worried about the money. He’s worth it. But something just doesn’t feel right. I need to give him a reason to stay.”“You have something up your sleeve huh?” Lynn asked.“I think I do.” Telesco finished. 鈥ike any good dream Easton Stick Los Angeles Chargers Jerseys , it fast forwards to draft night and the Arizona Cardinals have just selected Oklahoma Quarterback Kyler Murray with the 1st overall pick. The San Francisco 49ers are on the clock with the 2nd overall pick. And as the countdown winds down to zero, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell steps to the podium and announces that there has been a trade with the Los Angeles Chargers. It sends the football world into a tailspin. Telesco has stunned the all the analysts and draft gurus.“And with the 2nd overall pick,” Goodell pauses. “The Los Angeles Chargers select Ohio State Defensive End Nick Bosa!” The football world realizes the implications of what this trade just did and a collective gasp runs through the AFC West draft offices. I think Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden even retired after that. Telesco takes a glance at head coach Anthony Lynn and smiles. Lynn nods his head in approval. Meanwhile,Joey Bosa sitting there in the War Room, mobile phone to his ear. He’s on the phone with little brother Nick telling him the news that they willbe playing side-by-side each other as Chargers. For the rest of their careers.