One of the most difficult phases of life is getting a job. Once the education is complete, the individual has to strive towards finding his dream job. If he is not able to find his dream job, then he usually opts for the one that would make his life stable. To get a dream job or even a reasonable job, education plays a major role. The latest research has revealed that around 900,000 individuals between the ages of 18-25 year old apply for work, with around 50 applicants applying for every graduate job. This shows that individuals are aware that they need to work on getting a job as soon as their education is completed.

A major factor that plays a role in ensuring that the student becomes a graduate is is an academic record. The academic record reveals the skills and knowledge of the student in the form of grades and percentages. Some students put in their effort to pass through the academic years, while others make use of professional services that fulfils the students’ query of “write my essay for me”. Either way, their entire academic record is seen in the form of results.

Many job prospects are of the view that experience plays a major role in gaining a job. Therefore, some students tend to start working during their academic years to show their experience on their resume. The role of education is mainly related to seeing from which academic institution, the student has graduated and what his academic record has been. Apart from that, luck is a factor that plays a role here. Some graduates tend to get a job in the first place they apply, while some do not get a job even after applying at more than 15-20 places.