As the Scale of Sympathetic figures go Kevin Greene Jersey , Antonio Brown falls far closer to O.J. Simpson than Homer. But this doesn’t mean that the former Steelers, Raiders, and Patriots receiver doesn’t have rights.He does, as eventually will be evidenced by the umpteen grievances he’ll pursue against his two most recent teams, one or more of which (but not many) actually may prevail. He also has rights under the league’s Personal Conduct Policy, rights that either will or won’t be honored during the ongoing investigation sparked by last month’s civil lawsuit filed against him, alleging sexual assault and rape. but that all players should. Perhaps, in the next iteration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, all players will have this right. It’s basically a right to not be, for lack of a better phrase, jerked around by a process that, as a practical matter, has him essentially serving an unpaid suspension while the NFL’s wheels of justice grind ever-so-slowly.The report from earlier this week that Brown has yet to be interviewed is no surprise. The league interviews the accused as the final step of the investigation. And it’s unclear what else the league is doing to get to the point that Brown’s version of the events will be harvested. But it is clear that the league isn’t moving with all deliberate speed to get this wrapped up.Intended or not Lynn Swann Jersey , it’s a perfect loophole to keep Brown out of the league. Although multiple teams remain interested in Brown, no one will sign Brown because the NFL won’t say whether Brown is destined for the Commissioner-Exempt list, which would require his next team to pay him to not play.So why not say so? Surely by now the NFL has enough information to determine whether Brown “may have violated” the Personal Conduct Policy. If so, then he’d be on the Commissioner-Exempt list if he’s signed. If not, he wouldn’t be — and someone would then potentially sign him and employ him until the investigation is finalized and discipline, if any, is imposed.While the handling of Brown doesn’t amount to collusion in violation of the labor deal (, the league office directing all teams not to sign a given player), it operates in the same way. Because the league won’t say whether Brown will be placed on unpaid suspension while he’s unemployed, no one will assume the risk of hiring him, taking the P.R. hit that would go along with it, and then having to decide whether to quickly cut him or pay him not to play, if he quickly lands on the Commissioner-Exempt list.Again, no one is shedding tears for Brown. Even if he’s not guilty of sexual assault or rape Hines Ward Jersey , he has said and done enough to turn most fans against him. But there’s a broader principle at play here, one that can be used against any player — including players who haven’t seen their image and reputation completely disintegrate. The Steelers made a bold move trading up in the first round to select Devin Bush, and after they did that there were certainly repercussions."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Latest NewsSteelers Film Room2018 NFL Draft AnalysisLatest NewsLatest News2019 NFL Draft Analysis2019 NFL Draft: Winners and Losers after the Steelers pick of Devin BushNew,44commentsThe Steelers made a bold move trading up in the first round to select Devin Bush, and after they did that there were certainly repercussions.EDTShareTweetShareShare2019 NFL Draft: Winners and Losers after the Steelers pick of Devin BushRick Osentoski-USA TODAY SportsThe Pittsburgh Steelers have gone and done something no one expected them to — they were aggressive in the 2019 NFL Draft and trade up 10 spots to get the player they coveted. When the team traded with the Denver Broncos and selected Devin Bush, ILB from Michigan, there were repercussions. With the Steelers making waves with the pick, there are some who could fall on the winners side of the deal, and also some who could fall on the losers end of the docket. Here, in the Winners and Losers column, we examine both sides.WinnersDevin BushThis is an obvious choice. Bush was seen as such a hot commodity the Steelers swapped first round picks, their 2019 second round pick and a 2020 third round pick to get him. Talk about a confidence booster. Getting drafted is one thing, but having a team jump up in order to get you is another. The Steelers have a ton of faith in Bush as a potential stud on the inside of the defense.Steelers FansI took over the reigns of this site before Bud Dupree was the team’s first round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, and every year the fan base has been dumbfounded Heath Miller Jersey , or angry, at the teams pick. Dupree was too raw. Artie Burns was a reach. T.J. Watt was a combine phenom and nothing more. Terrell Edmunds would have been available in the 3rd round. Either way, there was always a gripe with the pick. While there are always outliers, the fan base seems very pleased with this pick. This is a first for me, and I’m not really sure how to handle it...Denver BroncosIf you were a Broncos fan, you should be happy with the team’s decision to trade back. They stayed in the first round, still drafted a player they wanted and also were able garner another second round pick in a draft where plenty of talent remains on the board. Oh, and they also received a 2020 3rd round selection. Pretty nice haul for the Broncos and John Elway.LosersMark BarronThe Steelers picked up Barron in free agency, and the thought was he could be a potential starter, but after the selection of Bush those thoughts have probably diminished. No one is crowning Bush just yet, well, maybe I am, but Barron is suddenly looking like a sub package player and nothing more. Not that he won’t see the field, but it just might not be the role he envisioned when signing on the dotted line. Sounds familiar Louis Lipps Jersey , right Morgan Burnett?Jon BosticAfter the Steelers made their pick, many asked which ILB would be the odd man out. Easy...Bostic. Bostic is a player who just doesn’t have the lateral speed and coverage ability to play all three downs in today’s NFL. Therefore, not only could he be outright cut, but he would see very limited snaps if he does make the team.Cincinnati BengalsFor the second straight year the Steelers traded up in the draft to take a player many had going to the Bengals. Last year it was the Steelers who traded with the Seattle Seahawks to get Mason Rudolph right before the Bengals selected. Many thought the Bengals wanted to take Rudolph as an insurance policy for Andy Dalton. This year, after the Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict, there were many who saw Bush filling Burfict’s shoes as the inside linebacker of the future. Well, not anymore. Vince WilliamsUnlike Bostic, there is little-to-no chance the Steelers cut ties with Williams, not after giving him a new contract last year, but you can expect his time on the field to decrease this season. If Bush lives up to the hype, and I realize that is a big if, he will be an every down linebacker. With Barron being a hybrid safety/linebacker he would be the perfect player to come onto the field as Williams goes to the sideline. Williams is a large part of the Steelers’ defense, but his playing time likely took a big hit Thursday night.